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Редкие семена Conophytum и Lithops
Lithops aucampiae Kuruman robust form C173


Вы можете приобрести оригинальную литературу о растениях. Некоторые издания находятся у нас, остальные мы можем для Вас заказать.

Оплата - стоимость книги (если она находится у нас) плюс стоимость доставки к Вам.

Книги и справочники можно приобрести отдельно или в сочетании с заказом семян и растений.Чтобы приобрести книги, напишите нам. Способ оплаты выберите на странице Оплата. Вы можете заказать не только книги, находящиеся на этой странице, но и любые другие издания зарубежных авторов, в том числе на аукционе или таких сайтах, как или http://nhbs.com и т. п.

100 Cactus Argentinos
by R. Kiesling, O. E. Ferrari
year: 2005, pages: 128, color photos: 221, Spanish
101 Cactus del Peru
by Ostolaza Nano Carlos, Kiesling Roberto
year: 2011, pages: 256, color photos: 548, Spanish
A Gallery of Agaves (including variegates)
by John Pilbeam
year: 2013, pages: 317 A4, color photos: 363, English
A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia
by Charles Clarke
year: 2002, pages: iv + 32
A Pocket Guide Pitcher Plants of Sarawak
by Charles Clarke
year: 2004
Adromischus - The Cactus File Handbook 3
by J. Pilbeam, C. Rodgerson, D. Tribble
year: 1998, pages: 104, color photos: 109
Agaves: Living Sculptures for Landscapes and Containers
by Greg Starr
year: 2012, pages: 342, color photos, English
Alles ?ber psychoaktive Kakteen
by Markus Berger
year: 2013, pages: 275, color photos: 10, b&w photos: 88, German
Amazing World of Carnivorous Plants
by Seibundo Shinkosha
year: 2003, pages: 159, color photos: 700, Japanese/English
An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis
by Mary K. Toomey, Charles Chesshire, Everett Leeds
year: 2001-2005, pages: 426, color photos: 650+, English
Atlas of Vegetation of Madagascar
by Moat, J., Smith, P.
year: 2007, pages: 124, English/French
Beautiful Succulents Haworthia
by Takashi Fukuya
year: 2006, pages: 64, color photos: 160, Japanese/English
Biologie und Kultur Fleischfressender Pflanzen
by Barthlott, W., Porembski, S., Seine, R., Theisen, I.
year: 2004, pages: 176, color photos: 150, German
Borneo: Its Mountains and Lowlands with their Pitcher Plants. Trekking from 1992 to 2002
by Hugo Steiner
year: 2002, pages: viii + 136
Cacti and Succulents for Cold Climates: 274 Outstanding Species for Challenging Conditions
by Leo J. Chance
year: 2012, pages: 328, color photos: 305, English
Cactus de Patagonia
by Norbert a Elisabeth Sarnes
year: 2012, pages: 80, color photos: 93, English and German
Carnivorous Plants
by Camilleri, Tony
year: 1999
Carnivorous Plants Of Australia - Vol 3
by Allen Lowrie
year: 1999, Australia
Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada
by Schnell, Donald E.
pages: 468, color photos: 200
Caudiciform & Pachycaul Succulents
by Gordon D. Rowley, Herman Schwartz and Ron LaFon
year: 1980, pages: 282, color photos: 400, English
Clematis Cultivar Group Classification with Identifying Key and Diagrams
by Wim Snoeijer
year: 2008, pages: 202, color photos: 200+, English
Copiapoa 2006
by R. Schulz
year: 2006, pages: 240, numerous of color photos, English
Cultivation of Boswellia, Sacred Trees of Frankincense
by Eslamieh Jason
year: 2011, pages: 196, color photos: 200+, English
Designing with Succulents
by Debra Lee Baldwin
year: 2007, pages: 256, color photos: 300+, English
Die Gattung Agave
by Richter Ivana
year: 2011, pages: 159, color photos: 323, German
Echeveria Cultivars
by L. Schulz, A. Kapitany
year: 2005, pages: 208, color photos: 541
by Donati Davide, Zanovello Carlo
year: 2011, pages: 86, color photos: 85, English
by Pilbeam John
year: 2011, pages: 176, color photos: 200, English
Epiphyllum 3
by Supplie Frank
year: 2011, pages: 80, color photos: 591, English/German
Epithelantha 2011
by Donati Davide, Zanovello Carlo
year: 2011, pages: 64, color photos: 131, English
Euphorbia World Volume 7, No. 2
by The International Euphorbia Society
year: 2011, English
Fleischfressende Pflanzen
by Carow, Thomas and Fuerst, Ruedi
year: 2000, German
Fleischfressende Pflanzen
by Braem, Guido
year: 2002, German
Gardening with Carnivores
by Nick Romanowski
year: 2002, pages: 106
Genshoku Shokuchu shokubutsu (Carnivorous Plants of the World in Colour)
by Kondo, Katsuhiko and Kondo, Masahiro
reprint: Tokyo, 1983, color photos: 400
Glistening Carnivores - The Sticky Insect Eating Plants
by Stewart McPherson
year: 2007, pages: 250, color photos: 300
Growing Carnivorous Plants
by Barry Rice
pages: 224, color photos: 400
Hardy Succulents: Tough Plants for Every Climate
by Gwen Moore Kelaidis
year: 2008, pages: 160, color photos, English
Haworthia for the Collector
by Schulz, Rudolf
pages: 240, size: 27.5 x 22, engl.
Haworthia Revisited - A Revision of the Genus
by B. Bayer
year: 1999, pages: 250, English
Haworthia Update - Essays on Haworthia - Vol 1
by B. Bayer
year: 2002, pages: 64, color photos: 400+, English
Haworthia Update - Essays on Haworthia - Vol 2
by B. Bayer
year: 2006, in two parts
Haworthia Update - Essays on Haworthia - Vol 3 Part 1
by B. Bayer
year: 2007, pages: 174, color photos: 500+, English
Haworthia Update - Essays on Haworthia - Vol 4
by B. Bayer
year: 2008, pages: 110, color photos: 400+, English
by S. Somadee & J. Kuhne
year: 2011, pages: 96, color photos: 584+, German
Insectivorous Plants
by Charles Darwin
different issues
Kakteen in Brasilien - Cacti in Brasil
by K. Herm, A. Hofacker
year: 2001, pages: 176, color photos: 357, English/German
Lithops - Treasures Of The Veld
by S. A. Hammer
year: 1999, pages: 148, color photos: 211, English
Lithops, Sassi Fioriti (Flowering Stones)
by Desmond T. Cole
year: 1997-98, pages: 260, color photos: 324, Italian
Lost Worlds, DVD
by Stewart McPherson
year: 2007, USA
Set of 2 DVDs
Melocacti of Cuba
by Z. Rigerszki
year: 2007, pages: 180, color photos: 270, English
Melocactus the genus in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao
by George Thomson
year: 2013, pages: 72, color photos: 99, English
Mesemb Of The World
by G. Smith
year: 1998, pages: 408, color photos: 650, English
by Albert Pritchard
year: 2010, pages: 109, illustrations: 150, English
Nepenthes of Borneo
by Clarke, Charles
year: 1997
Nepenthes of Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia
by Charles Clarke
year: 2001, Borneo, Malaysia
Pitcher Plants of the Americas
by Stewart McPherson
pages: 316, color photos: 244
Pricklypears Commonly Found in the United States and Northern Mexico
by C. W. Green, D. J. Ferguson
year: 2012, pages: 140, color photos: 422, English
Rod/Die Gattung Lophophora
by Rudolf Grym
year: 1997, pages: 125, color photos: 75, b/w photos: 21, German/Czech
by R. Stephenson
year: 1994, pages: 335, color photos: 110, b/w photos: 100, English
by John Pilbeam
year: 2010, pages: 207, color photos: 686, English
Succulent Plants of the World
by Fred Dortort
year: 2012, pages: 344, color photos: 763, English
Succulents in Nature
by Laura Guglielmone
year: 2012, pages: 128, color photos: 160, English
Taxonomy of the Cactaceae, vol. 1: Acanthocalycium - Lymanbensonia
by Joël Lodé
year: 2015, pages: 1400+, photos: 7380+, English (vol. 1&2)
Taxonomy of the Cactaceae, vol. 2: Maihuenia - Yungasocereus
by Joël Lodé
year: 2015, pages: 1400+, photos: 7380+, English (vol. 1&2)
Tephrocactus Study Group Magazine
by Tephrocactus Study Group
from vol. 1 (1995) to vol 14 (2008), issued quarterly
Tephrocactus und andere feigenkakteen
by Michael Kiessling, Josef Poschl
year: 2000, pages: 319, color photos: 279, German/English
Teratopia - The World Of Cristate and Variegated Succulents
by G. D. Rowley
year: 2006, pages: 287, color photos: 574
The Bushman Candles
by Charles Craib, John Lavranos
year: 2011, pages: 192, English
The Cactaceae: Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family? - Vol. 1 (books 1, 2), Vol. 2 (books 3, 4)
by Nathaniel Lord Britton, J. N. Rose
year: 1963, Rare
The Cactus Family
by Edward F. Anderson
year: 2001, pages: 790, color photos: 1000+, English
The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants. A Comprehensive Guide to Their Biology and Cultivation
by Wilhelm Barthlott, Stefan Porembski, Rudiger Seine, Inge Theisen
year: 2007, pages: 224, color photos: 158
The genus Echeveria
by John Pilbeam
year: 2008, pages: 333, color photos: 450+, English
The Genus Lachenalia
by G. Duncan
year: 2012, pages: 480, color photos: 300+, English
The Nepenthaceae of the Netherlands Indies
by Clarke, Charles
The New Cactus Lexicon
by D. Hunt, N. Taylor, G. Charles
year: 2006, pages: 373+526, color photos: 2500+, English
Set of 2 volumes
The New Cactus Lexicon - Illustrations
by D. Hunt, N. Taylor, G. Charles
year: 2013, pages: 560, color photos: 2500+, English
The Savage Garden: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants
by D Amato, Peter
year: 1998
The Splendid Sansevieria
by J. Cahinian
year: 2005, pages: 178, color photos: 114, English
The Succulents and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar Vol I and II
by W. Rauh
year: 1995, pages: 343, color photos (mostly): 1011, English
Set of 2 volumes
The Succulents and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar Vol I and II
by W. Rauh
year: 1998, pages: 385, color photos (mostly): 1385, English
Set of 2 volumes
The Titanopsis Group
by Steven A. Hammer
year: 2013, pages: 208, color photos: 137, English
Tillandsia II
by Isley III, P. T.
year: 2009, pages: 288, English
Turbinicarpus - Rapicactus
by D. Donati, C. Zanovello
year: 2005, pages: 254, color photos: 324, English
Uebelmannia and their Environment
by R. Schulz, M. Machado
year: 2000, pages: 160, color photos: 271, English
Vygies - Gems Of The Veld
by E. J. Jaarsveld, V. Pienaar
year: 2000, pages: 240, color photos: 810
Winterharte Kakteen
by Kummel, Klugling
year: 1987, pages: 214, color photos: 109, German
YUCCA and CO. Winterharte Wustengarten in Mitteleuropa anlegen und pflegen
by Boeuf Thomas
pages: 192, color photos: 289, German

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 и многие другие...

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